August 4, 2013

New Year

I am back to blogging and to school...well if we are going to get technical I have been back to school for a little bit over a month. I was back to school on July 5th, FRIDAY, that's the joy of teaching at a year round school. I really do love it. But waking up at 6am on the day after July 4th gets me every year.

I have so much to share with you about our first few weeks but first I must share this...

That was my closet. We got new carpet this year so every.single.thing. that was in my classroom (expect furniture) had to go into my closet. For the first three/four days of packing I was awesome. Into nice neat boxes that were labeled and everything. By day five I was over it. 

Needless to say thinking about my closet gave me anxiety all summer.

Then two days before school started my fiance and I had a wonderful idea. Let's sell our perfectly wonderful house. So my home office went from this...

WARNING: Shield your eyes if you are OCD organized you are not going to like this.

To this in 24 hours.

If you wondering "Oh my! How do you ever work at home when your office looks like a bedroom with no storage!" 
Do not worry. All my supplies are neatly hidden under the bed. So if I need scissors, tape, glue, construction paper, anything really I just go searching under the bed. It takes approximately 20 minutes to find a pen.  

I will be back on Monday with a Back to School Blog Hop for you that will be FULL of freebies from amazing bloggers! Be sure to stop by!


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