May 29, 2013

Dry Erase Pouches

I really haven't gone missing. I am back, promise. May has been quite a month and the fact that it's nearly over makes me wonder exactly where it went.

Oh yes now I remember. In May I managed to:
buy a wedding dress, buy a car, and pack my entire classroom. 

I will elaborate more with pictures (not of the dress!) on a different post!

I wanted to hop on quick and tell you about one of my new FAVORITE classroom supplies! If by some stretch of a miracle you are able to order items for your classroom next year, this one comes recommended!

When I hear about an opportunity to try out Dr Erase Laminating pouches from My Binding I was beyond excited! I jumped at the chance because I had been eyeing some laminating pouches for sometime. 

I have to admit USE TO think that laminating a piece of paper and letting the kids use dry erase markers was the same thing. Not. Even. Close. 

I broke out the laminating pouches the next day for some addition and subtraction fun. 

You would have thought I was handing out candy. The best part- since I didn't know these babies were coming I snuck them in during a little free choice friday time! And my K babies ate it up!! Giving them addition and subtraction problems in this format made it fun, exciting, and new!

The kids loved using the dry erase pouches. I loved it too. You can easily put the papers into the pouch! If you print double sided you get more bang out of one pouch! It is so easy to erase the marker off the pouch. They are sturdy and look like they will last a long time!

I am so excited to break these out for morning work, math stations (reducing copies- wahoo!) and for doing quick informal assessments!

If you are looking for dry erase pouches head over to My Binding! Did I mention they have neon colored ones too!?

May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Thanks Wizard Of Boz for the graphic!
Just incase you haven't heard there is a big huge sale at TPT on May 7th and May 8th. My entire TPT store will be 20% off and if you use the code TAD13 you will receive an additional 8% off. 

Check out some of my products below!

I bundled my phonics packs. Regularly this bundle is $23.00 which is over 20% off. During the teacher appreciation sale you can get this MEGA bundle for about $17.00!!

Some assessment packs that may help you at the end of this year or to prep for next year!

Some packs that you can use all year long!

Activities for end of the year fun!

Thanks so much! Don't forget to provide feedback on past purchase so you can cash in your TPT credits for an even better deal!

May 4, 2013

Calming the Chaos

Welcome to the Calming the Chaos Blog Hop hosted by 2peasandadog.
All of us bloggers have come together to share our top tips for making the last month of school run smoothly. Visit each of our blogs to learn something new and catch a freebie or two!
Happy Hopping

My main priority is keeping my kids engaged using fun activities throughout the end of the year! Let's be honest- you could get a little silly if you were being assessed like crazy at the end of the year. 

Each day I plan a fun activity for my students. Something different, something they will love, and something that will make these last two weeks (tear) a bit more fun and memorable!

I have included a cute countdown poster for your kiddos to keep track the days left!

I use the envelope approach. If you are using balloons you are braver that I am and YOU ROCK! I have two kiddos in my room who would not appreciate the loud popping noise but maybe next year I will be crazy brave and use balloons. 

Here are the number cards for the envelopes:

The best part- number the balloons and envelopes so you can choose the "mysterious" fun activity for the day. Planning on having lunch in the classroom on the last day - stick that card in the envelope!

The set up and prep is simple. Decide how many days you want your students to participate for. Gather envelopes or balloons for that amount of days. Label the envelopes and balloons. Choose your activities and put the cards in the envelopes or fold them and put them in the ballon. To present them to your students you could write them a note or even have an administrator write them a letter about the year ending and the exciting adventures ahead. 

I have included  35 activities for your students to enjoy! 

Sample activity:

My End of Year Countdown to Summer activity is usually $4.00 in my TPT store. But for the next 24 hours I will make it FREE! Hop over a grab a copy for your students to use!

Once you grab my FREEBIE and hop over to the other blogs on this list! Show some love if you download the freebies!

Primary Grades
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May 3, 2013

Five For Friday- May 3, 2013

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1. This is my back table. Don't judge. I have been assessing like a crazy women for the past week. Think DRA, STAR, Sight Word Lists, End of Year Math Tests, Math Bench Mark Assessments. It's all worth it and amazing when we place kids into classes with an even balance for our first grade teachers but oh my.

2. Check picture one back out for my second picture of the week. See the BLANK poster board behind my reading table? Well... that my Science Fair Project. Our Science Fair is next Thursday. There is a seriously good chance I am going to have jury duty Monday and a field trip Wednesday. Which means Tuesday is going to be Science Fair Project Day. Don't even get me started on what day is "We Have to Finish these Assessments Day."

PS. I am on Science Fair Committee. They may kick me off if I don't have a board for the actual Science Fair.

3. Ah running shoes. I did workout three days this week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. BAM! Wednesday was traumatic. My sister lives about a mile away so I rode my bike to her house. About two houses away from hers I got stung by a bee. I still have a welt on my leg. I am obviously a big baby but now I have serious sympathy for anyone who gets stung by a bee. I say take the week off- rest, recover. 

4. One of my bridesmaids got me this cup on the day we went dress shopping. This is my new drink cup for school in the morning. Starbucks tastes so yummy out of this cup!

5. I am going to do a whole post on these but I cannot wait to share them with you! They are clear protectors to save you from making tons of copies! I have been putting my addition and subtraction papers in these and I LOVE them. My kids are rocking the addition and subtraction facts because they love these. May I also say that they are so easy to erase from, which happens to be my favorite part!

Check back tomorrow for a HUGE one day only freebie and a Blog Hop!