August 17, 2013

Back To School Sale 2013

Krista from The Creative Chalkboard made this adorable banner!

The back to school sale is here and I could not be more excited! 

I have spent a good part of the day working on some things that I wanted to finish for my store, leaving feedback so I can get my TPT credits and pushing the "move to cart" button. Can I just say that I love to clear my wishlist!?!

My fiance and I are selling our house and buying a new one in the next 30 ish days. I am suppose to take it easy this sale. But really-- I am not sure it is going to be possible. 

I am sure your wishlists are overflowing but incase you needed just one more thing here are some of my latests and greatest.

The best deal in my store is a relatively new product I am offering called "BUY MY STORE!" This includes EVERYTHING -- even things I add in the future. This will usually be $200 but I have it discounted to $175 since it is so new. You can purchase during the back to school sale for $126. This may be the only sale I offer this product so snag it now!

Click on the links below to check out the product. My classes new favorite is the High Five Game!





Happy Shopping! I will be back later in the week to show you what I purchased!

August 13, 2013

A Peek Inside My Room 2013

Today I am back to share some pictures of my classroom. I must admit I was kicking myself today after school for not taking these pictures weeks ago! There is just something about clean desks and new crayons that screams "TAKE MY PICTURE." So please excuse my messy desks, unsharpened pencils and dull crayons!

This is the picture of my teacher desk. I put my filing cabinet next to my desk and covered it with wrapping paper from the Target dollar spot! On the front of the filing cabinet I used chevron print paper  to put the kid's Accelerated Reader numbers. On the wall behind my desk I have my birthday chart. The students pictures will be hung above their month on matching paper!

This is the first bulletin board you see when you walk into my classroom. The students pictures will go on this board.

My Word Wall is on the back wall above my computers. You can also see a sneak peak of my Math Station Tubs in the left corner. 

I have 6 math stations that the students visit. There is a label on the bucket and on the shelf where the bucket goes. On the top of the shelf you can see the progress journals my students use throughout the year.

To motivate my students to do their best work at centers and stations I made a "Super Center Word' board. If a student gets to hang on the "sparkly clips" we all applaud them as they hang up their work!

This is my small group reading area. This is where I am for the majority of the day. I pull groups during reading and math and we usually hang out back here or at the carpet. I have labeled buckets on the top of the shelf for each of my groups. On wall I have my common core standards board. I made these board to hang Deanna's Common Core "I can" statements (if you do not have these-- you need them!)

These are my students iii, math, and literacy center rotations!

I am fortunate enough to have a easel (with lines!) a white board, and a Promethean board! We made the scientist during the first week of school! 

Thanks for stopping by!!


August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 2013

I am liking up with Blog Hopping for Teacher Week 2013.

1. I have been teaching Kindergarten for four years and I love it. I honestly hope I am able to camp out in Kinder for my whole career. 

2.  My fiance and I got engaged this year. He is a fifth grade teacher at the same school I teach at. We "met" while we were interviewing. 

3. I am a grey's anatomy girl. I watch new, old, and anything in between. Some of my best memories with my sister are watching grey's into the wee hours in the morning when she came and visited me when I was in college. Let's just say we stayed up late enough to get McDonald's breakfast. But we had! 

4.  Incase the last one didn't give it away. I am a night owl. I will work into the wee hours of the morning. I accomplish so much when the house is quiet, no one is texting me, and grey's is playing on the Netflix in the background. 

5. I have a small obsession with books. Any and all books. When that Scholastic catalog comes I can hardly wait to tear it open and find all the books that I want to read to my little ones. My latest obsession has been finding low level AR books so they can start AR and feel like they are rocking it from the beginning!

6. I have a Mac computer and would never buy anything else. 

7. This is a picture of my sisters and my mom. I couldn't find one on my computer with my dad in too! We are a very close family and have been close forever. I am the middle sister! 

8. Apparently this year I decided to pack it all on this year. We are in the process of selling our house, buying a new house, getting my masters, and planning a wedding. 

9. I use to love mountain dew- like needed a mountain dew everyday. But going to the gym for the 30 minutes I can squeeze into the day made me realize the 300 calories I was drinking in that dew wasn't worth it. There is a slight possibility that my water-drinking-self is a little bit crankier then the old mountain dew drinker. I am thinking it will wear off soon.

10. Since the beginning of this year was so crazy I did not get a chance to take the pictures of my room before the kids came in. So tomorrow I am going to school extra early and may even stay extra late so I can take some pretty pictures of my room for my classroom tour tomorrow!! 

Here is the schedule for the week:


August 10, 2013

Open House and a FREEBIE

Open house and meet the teacher nights are such an exciting time. I love meeting my new K babies and their parents.

One of the things I do for open house is make an apple tree out of butcher paper. On the tree it says "Please pick an apple from our tree if you want to donate to our classroom." A lot of times during open house parents will ask me what kinds of things I need for the classroom. Since it is such a busy night one of two things always happens. I either forget everything I need or I tell all the parents the same thing! This tree allows the parents to pick something they know that the classroom needs and something that they know they can find!

Some of the things I ask for are:
post-it notes
card stock
colored computer paper
index cards

Click here or on the picture to download the sign so you can make an apple tree for your classroom!

*Graphics on this document are from graphics from the pond!

Also I always make a sign for my door. If the students have been in school I make a sign with their pictures. This year we did not have school before so I just used a sign with their names. This is the sign I used last year. The circles are over the kids pictures!

The last thing I do for open house is make sure the kids have something to take home. This year I did a "Thanks for popping in!" label on a popcorn bag. The kids loved it and it was simple! If you need labels you can check out the ones below. If you send me an email I will customize them to include your name!!


August 5, 2013

Back to School Blog Hop!

Thanks for joining our blog hop!

I am the...

 photo Slide11_zps9a397bf5.png

I have two products to share with you. 
The first one is a paid product.

In my classroom Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a must in the beginning of the year! This is the first unit that I complete at the start of the school year. The activities in this packet are perfect for teaching students centers using easy activities that they can handle. It also includes some fun graphing activities to get your kids excited about science and math!

The next product I have for you is FREE! This is a Back to School Write the Room set. No matter what group of kids I have Write the Room is always their favorite center ever! There is something about getting a fancy clip board, maybe a fun pair of glasses and heading off to find the cards throughout the room. 

This Back to School Write the Room pack is perfect for K and first grade kids. There is a page for uppercase letters, lowercase letters, sight words, beginning sound, and even CVC words! 

Thanks for hopping with us!

If you want to start at the beginning head over to Tamara's Blog!


August 4, 2013

New Year

I am back to blogging and to school...well if we are going to get technical I have been back to school for a little bit over a month. I was back to school on July 5th, FRIDAY, that's the joy of teaching at a year round school. I really do love it. But waking up at 6am on the day after July 4th gets me every year.

I have so much to share with you about our first few weeks but first I must share this...

That was my closet. We got new carpet this year so every.single.thing. that was in my classroom (expect furniture) had to go into my closet. For the first three/four days of packing I was awesome. Into nice neat boxes that were labeled and everything. By day five I was over it. 

Needless to say thinking about my closet gave me anxiety all summer.

Then two days before school started my fiance and I had a wonderful idea. Let's sell our perfectly wonderful house. So my home office went from this...

WARNING: Shield your eyes if you are OCD organized you are not going to like this.

To this in 24 hours.

If you wondering "Oh my! How do you ever work at home when your office looks like a bedroom with no storage!" 
Do not worry. All my supplies are neatly hidden under the bed. So if I need scissors, tape, glue, construction paper, anything really I just go searching under the bed. It takes approximately 20 minutes to find a pen.  

I will be back on Monday with a Back to School Blog Hop for you that will be FULL of freebies from amazing bloggers! Be sure to stop by!