August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 2013

I am liking up with Blog Hopping for Teacher Week 2013.

1. I have been teaching Kindergarten for four years and I love it. I honestly hope I am able to camp out in Kinder for my whole career. 

2.  My fiance and I got engaged this year. He is a fifth grade teacher at the same school I teach at. We "met" while we were interviewing. 

3. I am a grey's anatomy girl. I watch new, old, and anything in between. Some of my best memories with my sister are watching grey's into the wee hours in the morning when she came and visited me when I was in college. Let's just say we stayed up late enough to get McDonald's breakfast. But we had! 

4.  Incase the last one didn't give it away. I am a night owl. I will work into the wee hours of the morning. I accomplish so much when the house is quiet, no one is texting me, and grey's is playing on the Netflix in the background. 

5. I have a small obsession with books. Any and all books. When that Scholastic catalog comes I can hardly wait to tear it open and find all the books that I want to read to my little ones. My latest obsession has been finding low level AR books so they can start AR and feel like they are rocking it from the beginning!

6. I have a Mac computer and would never buy anything else. 

7. This is a picture of my sisters and my mom. I couldn't find one on my computer with my dad in too! We are a very close family and have been close forever. I am the middle sister! 

8. Apparently this year I decided to pack it all on this year. We are in the process of selling our house, buying a new house, getting my masters, and planning a wedding. 

9. I use to love mountain dew- like needed a mountain dew everyday. But going to the gym for the 30 minutes I can squeeze into the day made me realize the 300 calories I was drinking in that dew wasn't worth it. There is a slight possibility that my water-drinking-self is a little bit crankier then the old mountain dew drinker. I am thinking it will wear off soon.

10. Since the beginning of this year was so crazy I did not get a chance to take the pictures of my room before the kids came in. So tomorrow I am going to school extra early and may even stay extra late so I can take some pretty pictures of my room for my classroom tour tomorrow!! 

Here is the schedule for the week:


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