December 1, 2013

Christmas Elves!

This week I am breaking out all things Christmas in the classroom. I have three weeks full of holiday fun with my kids and I couldn't be more excited!!

Our elf will be making an appearance on Monday! I bought the movie this year for them to watch-- I am thinking they will love it.

To kick off Christmas I am using my Christmas Elves and Christmas Kids units!

My kids LOVE the "button game" as they call it. The name got its title in the beginning of the year when we played with Pete the Cat and his buttons. Now it has stuck, even though this week we will be playing with elves!

I have also been stocking my store with differentiated versions of Write the Room. This years group loves to walk around and find the words! This week we are going to try some "magic e" words during write the room!

We also have a medial vowel sort. The kids will sort by medial vowel and then record the word on the correct line! I love that this center is self checking since they know the word must have an "e, a, or i" as the medial vowel. 

We are also going to do a sight word scramble. I will tape these cards to a magnetic surface and have the students spell the words using magnetic letters. Then they will record on the paper.

Don't forget to stock up during the cyber Monday and Tuesday sale! I put my TPT store on sale for Sunday so you can be ready for Monday too!