June 6, 2013

June Currently

There is a good chance I will be the last person linking up for June since it's already the 6th. I would tell you how busy I am and all that jazz but let's be for real: it is summer and I have taken at least one nap everyday. Oh the bliss of summer!

June started out with a celebration for my nephew's 5th birthday party! Needless to say we had a blast. My sister rented this slide and the we could hardly wait for the children to leave so we could play on it ourselves!

Now for my 6 days into June currently.

Listening: The boy is watching the basketball game. I suggested NetFlix. He was insisted we watch the first finals game. So we are "watching" together. You should know when I say watching that means I am giving my Brown Bear Unit an overhaul!

Loving: Michigan in 48 hours and a direct flight! Both of these things make me very happy. We will be doing lots of wedding things up in Michigan in preparation for next years wedding festivities!

Thinking: Summers flying by way to fast. I am that person who says "10 days left, 2 days left!" Yesterday I realized it was June 5th. I go back to school on July 5th. One. Month. Left. How is that possible?!?

For the record I love the year round schedule. I just do not love it on July 5th. 

Wanting to unpack my classroom. We had to pack when we left. We usually do not have to pack but we did this year. Everything had to fit into the closet. We have huge closets but still my packing skills aren't awesome. In fact when my teammates where complaining about their packing skills I showed them my closet. They immediately felt better about the status of their closets. The thought of everything all messy makes me crazy. I am ready to unpack those boxes (or mountains of things that I felt like didn't need a box and could just hangout on the floor!)

Needing to pack! My suitcase is currently sitting open on the couch. It has been there for two days. If history repeats itself I will be packing tomorrow at 11pm.

3 Essentials: Books, Camera, and Swimsuit will all be the first things into the suitcase!!

Don't forget to link up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

I am super hoping for an internet connection in Michigan! If not I will see you in 10 days!!



  1. I just finished packing up all my stuff. I am dreading August when I will have to face the task up taking apart my mountain shoved in my closet!
    Have a great trip!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  2. I need to pack tonight too! Tomorrow is the first day of our summer vacation and we are taking our 6th grade safety patrol to Orlando for a field trip. Yep, haven't packed yet.
    Teachin' First

  3. Carrie,

    I just found you blog and I love it! I have read most of your posts already! Awesome! I am nominating your blog for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details! :)

    Katelin's Kreative Kindergarten

  4. Hey Carrie, we share the same name! I just nominated you on my blog for the Liebster award, but I see you've been nominated already. I'd love if you participate, but I see that Katelin has you nominated already! :)