May 29, 2013

Dry Erase Pouches

I really haven't gone missing. I am back, promise. May has been quite a month and the fact that it's nearly over makes me wonder exactly where it went.

Oh yes now I remember. In May I managed to:
buy a wedding dress, buy a car, and pack my entire classroom. 

I will elaborate more with pictures (not of the dress!) on a different post!

I wanted to hop on quick and tell you about one of my new FAVORITE classroom supplies! If by some stretch of a miracle you are able to order items for your classroom next year, this one comes recommended!

When I hear about an opportunity to try out Dr Erase Laminating pouches from My Binding I was beyond excited! I jumped at the chance because I had been eyeing some laminating pouches for sometime. 

I have to admit USE TO think that laminating a piece of paper and letting the kids use dry erase markers was the same thing. Not. Even. Close. 

I broke out the laminating pouches the next day for some addition and subtraction fun. 

You would have thought I was handing out candy. The best part- since I didn't know these babies were coming I snuck them in during a little free choice friday time! And my K babies ate it up!! Giving them addition and subtraction problems in this format made it fun, exciting, and new!

The kids loved using the dry erase pouches. I loved it too. You can easily put the papers into the pouch! If you print double sided you get more bang out of one pouch! It is so easy to erase the marker off the pouch. They are sturdy and look like they will last a long time!

I am so excited to break these out for morning work, math stations (reducing copies- wahoo!) and for doing quick informal assessments!

If you are looking for dry erase pouches head over to My Binding! Did I mention they have neon colored ones too!?


  1. Those looks really cool- never heard of them before! Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

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