May 2, 2013

May Currently

Listening: Listening to Grey's Anatomy and then watching Sandal. It's a Thursday night ritual that I regret every Friday morning. I try really hard to go to bed right after Scandal so I am not too tired in the morning. But let's be honest if you have seen Scandal you know it is usually scary. Often I go to bed thinking someone is watching me or following me or some other crazy event that occurred on the show that night.

Loving: The summer countdown is on. Which means we have 16 days. In those 16 days we have to go on a field trip, do all of our end of year assessments, make mother's day gifts, father's day gifts, and finish our end of the year memory books. Seems possible right?

Thinking: Our Kindergarten Field Trip is next Wednesday. Theres just something about 125ish kindergarteners on 2 schools buses that screams fun. Also as a side note we are traveling to a well known spot in the schools community. I am like one of the only people in my class who have not already done to the field trip site. Needless to say my kids are excited about showing me around.

I am also thinking about packing! My school is getting new carpet this summer. Packing is going to be a task but at least I am hoping I am able to be insanely organized when I pack and unpack everything!!

Wanting: I went wedding dress shopping a few weekends ago. I knew before I started that I had a ton of dresses I wanted to try on. All of course in different areas and at different stores. I found two dresses I love but need to try on more before I decide.

Needing: I need sleep. Two days this week I went to bed around nine and I am still tired. Exhausted. I need sleep. I just want to lounge and relax this weekend. Or every weekend until summer.

Summer Bucket List: This list seems long and never ending especially because as a year round teacher I only have 6 weeks of summer. This summer we are heading to Michigan for 10 days! My fiance's family has a cottage up there and that is were we will be getting married next summer! My parents are going to meet us up there this summer to check it out and do some wedding planning! We are also going to paint the house! I am so excited to rid the yellowish-tinted-tan color we have now. Lastly I want to lay in the pool and relax. Floating is my favorite summer activity!

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  1. Only 16 days left--sounds so nice!!!!! I have a little longer to go. Floating is also one of my favorite activities too. Enjoy!

  2. I found you through the Currently linky! :) It sounds like you'll have a very busy (but hopefully relaxing) summer break! :)

    Mrs. D's Firsties