July 19, 2015

First Week - 2015-2016

The first week of school is always the craziest. I teach at a year round school so the first day sneaks up on you when it's early July. I won't lie- it's rough right now. But sleeping in for 2 weeks in October is glorious!!!! 
I made it through the preplanning days and used my Creative Clips calendars to cross things off my to do list. LOVE THESE!! I did some fancying up of my stuff and the night before the first day made a sign or five for some of my k-friends! 

I found the best tutorial on a blog for how to do chalkboards! Seriously click here for the link you will not regret it. I can assure you that is NOT my handwriting. That is thanks to Cara's fonts! 
I am eager to show you the classroom revel I intended to do last year... But I am also getting a new blog design so I am going to debut them together! 

Sneak peek of the amazing work Blogs Fit for a Queen is doing!

Until then... my little sister got engaged last weekend so we did a little bit of wedding fun this weekend! 

When do you all head back to school?! Try not to make me too jealous! 

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  1. Thanks for the great idea for chalkboards. Now I can have all those cute quotes and it won't be in my bad handwriting. ;)