June 24, 2015

Writing Portfolios

I won't say I am back because I have said that before. But I am trying a new thing... blogging on the iPad. I am hoping that by iPad blogging I won't have to be so connected to the computer and I can blog on the "go."
Because that's life these day... on the go. This sweet boy although not literally moving around makes life busier-- in the best way possible.

Planning for the upcoming year is always one of my favorite things. As I look ahead to things I like, things I want to continue, and things that need to be changed, one thing I ALWAYS do with each class is a Writing Portfolio. In kinder world-- a progress journal.

Nothing makes my heart happier then flipping through a writing portfolio and seeing the progress a kinder kid makes from the first day to the last.


These writing portfolios are so much fun and such a huge talking point for conferences. Grab my writing portfolio pages for $2.50 cents or just grab some writing paper and create your own! I also attached my monthly journal covers if your students do journals each month!


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