January 1, 2014

Resolutions-- 2014!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!! Some how Kindergarten Craziness always sets in the first week of December and I can't see past the glitter, spray paint, and other crafts that we have going on! This year with wedding plans and my masters on top of it, I was happy to still be sane at 3:00 on the 20th. 

Looking ahead to a new year I am linking up with A Peach For The Teach to share some resolutions!

Personal: In 2013 I joined a gym and by the end of the year I was actually working out three days a week on most weeks! I want to try to up that number and eat a little healthier. At one point in 2013 I went 17 days with no soda, which is a miracle for me. Then the holiday came and I ate those Candy Cane Heresy kisses and everything else in sight. This year I hope to jump back on that healthy bandwagon. 

Professional: Starting my masters program in 2013 was a huge accomplishment for me. The problem is I don't always manage my time well enough for it. This year I am going to attempt to eliminate the "oh no its 5:00 o'clock on Sunday night and you have a paper due at midnight" kind of panic!

Classroom: I am going to try to cut down on the amount of work that I bring home. Many times during my lunch and planning I take a lot of that time to de-stress and clean up. I am going to attempt to be better at cleaning up after myself as I go and make every lunch a working lunch!

Blog/TPT: Although not TPT or Blog related, I did start a facebook page for my TPT store and Blog. I was starting to think I was making my friends CRAZY. I manged to set up a fan freebie tab in there so I am hoping to add some freebies for my fans on facebook!

Just For Fun: Between wedding planning, my masters, and all my school stuff, I often stress. This year I am going to attempt to stress less and roll with the punches!!

What's your new years resolution?!

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  1. Hi, Carrie! I loved reading your resolutions! It's so hard to manage a masters program while working. I give you a lot of credit! Best of luck in the new year! Thanks for linking up!