September 4, 2012

Classroom Pictures- Favorite So Far...

I am back with Tuesday's Linky party from TBA. Since I have already uploaded pictures of my classroom this year in my first blog post, I decided to put a different spin on the classroom photos.

First I should start by mentioning that since I teach at a year round school I have been in school since early July. We have completed many beginning of the year themes already including The Kissing Hand, Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom and we are right in the middle of Pete the Cat.

One of my favorite activities we completed this year was a Chicka Chicka data graph. This project took about a week using some of our Science and Math time each day. The students loved making predictions and getting their feet wet with some fun Science.

Here is our data graph. I made the tree trunk and coconuts using a brown paper bag (with the help of my very creative teammate- who knows how to conserve construction paper when necessary!) 

We had a blast trying to decide how to open the coconut. Some students thought we could bang it on the side of my desk while others thought we should throw it on the floor. We eventually concluded that we could hit it with a hammer and outside we went!

I went into a safe area (we have a bike parking space with a fence that I could go in while the students waited outside) where the students would be protected from flying coconut parts. Thirty-three hits later -- with a hammer!- I was able to open the coconut.

I incorporated many Common Core elements into this lesson with graphing, counting, observing and recording.

Check out my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Unit on teachers pay teachers (maybe even be a follower) if you want to make your own data graph and use the recording sheets!